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Easy Read HTML with Eleventy and Azure AI Speech

Eleventy, Azure AI Speech


Background context

Turning Word documents into HTML with Eleventy

Generating audio with Azure AI Speech API

I became interested in using a text to speech API to prepare an audio version of the content. While people who use assistive technology can listen to the document using a screen reader, the main target audience for Easy Read content is people with low literacy levels and people with intellectual disability, who may not use assistive technology. By integrating an audio version with an easy-to-use interface, there was potential to make it easier for the target audience to engage with Easy Read documents independently.

I used Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech API to generate an audio version of the HTML content. To do this, I needed to overcome a few technical challenges:

I’m really proud of the Easy Read HTML product that I was able to help build at the Information Access Group. I think it’s a great example of what you can do when you publish information in a ‘web-first’ way, rather than using traditional document formats.

Originally published on by Larry Hudson