Larry Hudson

Hi there! Welcome to my personal site.

I'm a web developer and programmer based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm the Team Leader of Innovation, Tech and Web at the Information Access Group.

I'm passionate about:

You can find me on Twitter, hang out with me in the Discord and Eleventy Discord, or email me at

Recent experiments

I enjoy testing out ideas by creating small demos and experiments. You can see some recent experiments below.

You can find more on my GitHub profile.

Using Notion as a CMS for your Eleventy site

April 2022

I've been working on a way to use Notion as a content management system for an Eleventy site.

This is a work in progress, but you can explore the GitHub repo if you're interested.

Generating audio versions from Eleventy content

March 2022

Using Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services Speech API, I created a demo site and Eleventy plugin for turning text content into high quality audio versions.

Demo site: 11ty-text-to-mp3

Eleventy plugin: eleventy-plugin-text-to-speech

Generating tagged PDFs from Eleventy content

February 2022

Using Prince, you can generate accessible, tagged PDFs from HTML and CSS. I created a demo site and a plugin to make this easier for people using Eleventy.

I also talked about this topic on a stream of Some Antics with Ben Myers.

Demo site: Accessible document workflow with Eleventy and Prince

Eleventy plugin: eleventy-plugin-prince-pdf

Using Microsoft Word documents as content in your Eleventy site

November 2021

If you stick to a simple structure and use Word's paragraph styles, you can convert Word documents to HTML while keeping the semantics intact.

I created a plugin that makes it easy to use Microsoft Word documents as Eleventy input.

Eleventy plugin: eleventy-plugin-docx

Get in touch

You can find me on:

You can also email me at